About us


New-Lingo is an infographic showcase website.

New-Lingo is a special infographic gallery website. Our mission is to promote amazing infographics to provide valuable information along with outstanding visual presentation.

There are tons of infographic sites on the Internet these days. From what we see, the majority infographic sharing sites are outdated or even worst – abounded. Furthermore, numerous of the infographic posting sites are free of charge so they receive thousands of infographic submissions on a monthly basis. For this reason, it takes time to select only the visually compling and informative infographics to publish. That happened to many of the popular high PR infographic sites in the last years.

Why New-Lingo is different?

New-Lingo is a long-term project for infographic sharing site. We belive that quality should be over quantity so we established a top infographic blog. New-Lingo will showcase eye-catching infographics that deliver educational information to all readers. We hope New-Lingo become one of the best infographic sharing sites on the Internet.