10 Fun Facts About Winged Unicorns [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here are 10 fun facts about winged unicorns.

1. A winged unicorn isn’t called an Alicorn, that is a common misname.
2. They are actually called an Alaricorn.
3. They have an affinity for lightning
4. a single feather from their wings can power a witches broom.
5. Their poop is blue from absorbing electromagnetic radiation
6. Their poop can be used in alchemical potions
7. To catch one you must be a master rider, fighter and hero
8. Then you must put a golden bridle on it
9. Alaricorns love a good battle and are very strong headed.
10. they are the offspring of a unicorn and Pegasus.

Winged unicorns, often known as “pegacorns” are enchanting mythical creatures that blend the grace of unicorns with the majesty of wings. These fantastical beings are celebrated in various cultures and have captured the imaginations of many.

Did you know that winged unicorns are often associated with purity and divine beauty? Unlike traditional unicorns, pegacorns possess the ability to soar through the skies, symbolizing freedom and transcendence.

From ancient Greek mythology to modern fantasy literature, these magical beings continue to captivate audiences worldwide, embodying a harmonious fusion of elegance and the ethereal. Winged unicorns stand as a testament to the enduring allure of mythical realms.

Source: https://thisunicornlife.com/what-is-a-unicorn-with-wings-called/

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