10 Fun Facts About Winged Unicorns [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here are 10 fun facts about winged unicorns.

1. A winged unicorn isn’t called an Alicorn, that is a common misname. 2. They are actually called an Alaricorn. 3. They have an affinity for lightning 4. a single feather from their wings can power a witches broom. 5. Their poop is blue from absorbing electromagnetic radiation 6. Their poop can be used in alchemical potions 7. To catch one you must be a master rider, fighter and hero 8. Then you must put a golden bridle on it 9.

Alaricorns love a good battle and are very strong headed. 10. they are the offspring of a unicorn and Pegasus.

Source: https://thisunicornlife.com/what-is-a-unicorn-with-wings-called/

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