10 SAT Test-Taking Strategies [INFOGRAPHIC]

The SAT, which influences which colleges a student can gain admission to, is one of the most important tests in an American’s life. Given the magnitude of this test, it’s vital to prepare—a lot. Not only must students carefully study the subject matter that will emerge on the test, but they must also familiarize themselves with the best test-taking strategies for the SAT. No matter how diligently you’ve prepared, you can always boost your performance by implementing effective test-taking strategies.

Proper test-taking starts well before the test: Taking mock practice tests will familiarize you with the layout of the test and help teach you proper test-taking time management. When you’re taking the test, it’s vital to read all the directions carefully, truly understand what each question is asking, and make full use of your test booklet to think through the problems. Learn what other test-taking strategies will help propel you toward success on the SAT and jump-start your fruitful future.

Source: https://www.nyctutoring.com/sat-test-taking-strategies

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