10 Ways Fire Fighters are Real-life Superheroes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Kids dream to become firefighters when they grow up. This is one of the most common children’s dreams around the world.

This infographic explains 10 ways firefighters are real-life superheroes.

First, firefighters protect people from one of the most powerful and destructive forces on Earth. What is more, firefighters get in the most dangerous situations to help save people’s lives. Third, firefighters suit up and carry heavy equipment in order to perform their duty.

Next, firefighters run into danger, not away from it! Unfortunately, they often work long shifts at low pay. When it comes to stress, firefighters make split-second decisions under extreme stress.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that there are not that many firefighters. Firefighters carry a health burden with them even after retirement. They sometimes lose their own lives in the process of saving others.

Source: https://www.stokes-int.com

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