11 Fascinating Facts About the Languages of the Internet [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Internet represents only a small portion of the linguistic diversity in the world—the world speaks around 7,000 languages, but the Internet only speaks around 8% of them. Want to Google something?

The service is only available in 120 languages. If this sounds like most of the world is excluded from the Internet, well, that’s not the case—most of the world’s languages are incredibly small, with only around 5% boasting more than a million speakers, and half are expected to go extinct within the next century. English has long been the most prominent language on the Internet, but as more and more people become connected, other major languages such as Arabic and Japanese are beginning to expand online.

Internet access is increasing in Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Africa, which leads to a more linguistically diverse online community, and as time goes on, more and more languages will join the world wide web. Find out all about the languages of the Internet in this fascinating infographic.

Source: https://www.translationservices.com/fascinating-internet-language-facts

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