11 Test-Taking Tips Every Student Needs to Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

Tests are always stressful, even for the best of us, but the more you prepare and the more test-taking strategies you learn, the less overwhelmed you’ll feel. Preparation starts long in advance—depending on the test, you should start studying weeks or even months before the test date. Study a little bit each day—definitely don’t cram! Also, take mock tests to get used to the test structure.

On test day, make sure to arrive early, since that gives you more time to mentally prepare yourself and even review important material. When the test starts, look through it to form an idea of how to tackle it. As you work through the questions, read each one carefully to fully understand what it’s asking. Go through and do all the easy questions first before coming back to tackle the hard ones—this ensures you won’t run out of time and miss easy questions.

The whole time, keep your nerves in check—just relax. If you follow all the tips in our infographic, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Source: https://www.nyctutoring.com/test-taking-tips

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