Coronavirus (Covid 19) Impact on SEO! [INFOGRAPHIC]

The outbreak of coronavirus has affected almost every industry, including companies that offer SEO services. However, you can utilize the data sourced from different industries for analysis. Here are some valuable traffic-related data related to various industries-

Essential E-commerce Stores

Search volume for keywords like face masks near me, thermometers and sanitary wipes has gone up substantially in the last few months.

Health and Wellness Information

Traffic volume for keywords such as antiviral herbs, antibacterial essential oils, etc. has increased by 17% during this period.

News Media

Traffic volume of news websites has increased by 34% since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Travel Websites

Traffic volume of travel based websites has reduced considerably(-46%) because of factors such as travel restrictions.

Food And Recipe Websites

Searches for food and recipe-based websites has increased by 22%. But, the traffic volume for specific categories like buffets and food courts has decreased by 32%.


Search volume of specific categories that are related to recreation, like fitness and exercise equipment has increased by 162%.

SEO Tips

  • You might not get a clear picture of the present condition across different industries through Analytics data.
  • Follow Google Trends regularly.
  • Reduce your spends on paid search and be prepared to manage things on your own daily.
  • Maximize e-mailers to remind people about the products and services you offer.
  • Focus on SEO as well as content marketing. Gain proficiency in making promotions through e-mailers.
  • Avoid promoting Coronavirus related sales or deals. Focus on holidays and Q4 initiatives.

Market your products and services with a high level of efficiency. Pay attention to customer support and help your community.


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