Evolution of Watches [INFOGRAPHIC]

Time is precious, don’t waste it. This is what everybody has been told during their childhood. Whether you are getting ready for office or a party, whether you are a school kid or a college-going guy, watches are made for everybody and every occasion. But do you know, how the evolution of watches took place?

Well, the time came into existence with the concept of the big bang. Then, with time, the evolution of clocks and watches took place. The history of the watch stared in 1500, with the invention of the mainspring that allowed portable clocks to be built. Days and centuries passed, experts were developing and improving timekeeping technology, thereby increasing accuracy and compactness.

It all started from a rotating balance wheel to Casio watches for women and men (quartz watches), and now we have smartwatches that work like a computer. It does not only show accurate time but also have capabilities of cellphone, calculator, music player and can also be used as a personal assistant. One can buy watches online, in a hassle-free way, is another incredible development of technology we have been enjoying these days.

In the infographic below you will find the detailed study of how the evolution of watches took place and how the technology has brought all the difference in our lives enhancing the features of watches.

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