Human Enhancement Technologies [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you aware of human enhancement technologies advancement? You may be thinking that it’s all sci-fi, but bionic enhancements for humans have been around for thousands of years.

The present infographic provides information about human enhancement technologies in terms of hearing, eyesight and movement.

Imaging a hearing aid that uses your own eardrum as a speaker. Such devices could enable us to hear even more effectively than those with „perfect” human hearing.

Bionic eyes may allow some blind people to see. One day, they may allow us to see beyond our natural abilities, such as ultraviolet light.

Artificial limbs could be so deeply connected to your nervous system that you could control them with your mind.

There is more to bionics that restoring and enhancing hearing, mobility, and sight. Imagine a world where we use 3D printers to create new organs or inject tiny robots to deliver medicines to targeted places in our bodies.


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