Are you aware of the difference between IGTV and YouTube? For sure YouTube and IGTV differ from each other in various aspects even though both are video-sharing applications. Among the differences are their video duration, video orientation, types of content, etc.

The following infographic explains the main differences between the most popular video-sharing platforms nowadays – IGTV and YouTube.

When it comes to some of the major distictions, we can mention the following:

  • Video duration – the maximum time duration of IGTV is only one hour compared to the infinite video duration allowed on YouTube;
  • Content – the variety of types of content is almost infinite speaking of YouTube as on IGTV the main content is user-generated;
  • Video Orientation – YouTube provides responsive video orientation that is applicable to various devices compared to the only vertically-oriented videos on IGTV.

Thanks to this infographic you can grow your IGTV audience so check it out and share online!

Source: https://blog.kicksta.co/what-is-igtv/

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