What is the best family camping tent to buy? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The weather condition is usually unpredictable and not 100% accurate as per our weather forecast. So to find the best waterproof tent in the market is complicated.

Before buying your tent, decide what size of tent you want based on your family members. Do not buy the cheap one because it is not an ongoing investment so take your time and check all the things you have in your mind like what type of material it should be, the size and dimension, poles and floor, door and window, etc.

After extensive research, I have selected the top 5 best family camping tents to save your time and energy.

I would go with the Coleman 8 person tent because of its features and extra room space where we can fit four large air mattresses. You can also organize and keep your gears off the ground in its storage pocket.

And the great bonus you can get from it is this tent comes with a 1-year warranty.

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